Week 1

Welcome to Creativity Unleashed, a weekly interactive experiment in what it is for YOU to dwell in the space of creativity and get past whatever is keeping you from creating what it is that you want to create.

This first experiment is 40 minutes long.  There will be a time for you to participate by writing - Please have a pen and paper, or a computer to write with.  Don't worry, it's just part of the experiment.

Once you are complete, please take a moment to respond to the doodle poll and let me know when you would like to be on a live Zoom call with me for the next experiment.  I envision this being a weekly interactive live Zoom call, where we meet together, inspire each other and hold the space to write together.

Please click here to vote on the time you would like to be on Zoom with me for the next experiment:  https://doodle.com/poll/xnvip4yn73f75yym

Okay -  Let's dive in!

If you are interested in seeing the writing that I did during this exercise, you can view it here:  Cheryl's Timed Writing and note taking experiment to prompt this creative experiment.

Some was done before I started, and writing it out got me to the place where I could begin.  The last section was written during the video.  - All this is said in the interest of full disclosure (no story here!)